Rosemarie’s Baby

A book by Alessandro dedicated to Rosemarie and their baby Matias.
92 pages that takes you through the journey of nine month of pregnancy. The tension, worries and fear of becoming a mother. The concern for the baby’s health, the immense love for the coming creature.
All of those were the feelings and thoughts held by Rosemarie during the first months of her pregnancy. Slowly those tensions are fading away and everything goes well as it should go.
Alessandro, partner to life of Rosemarie and the father of Matias is taking us through this journey with his 89 photos in black and white, constantly nurturing a growing emotion until the first day of Matias’s life. The graphic design of the book, is giving much space to the photos and the journey. The materials and format creates a sensorial, poetic and intimate experience. The half format inserts (manually) indicates each month, until getting the big moment where the skin color paper is nude of any number. The book is out in a limited edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed by the photographer. Printed in Offset, 88 pages – cotton thread bound, hand made soft jacket – Paper inserts manual bound, Analogical photography on film Kodak TRIX 400 and Kodak TMAX 3.200
ph. Alessandro Vincenzi / Graphic design: Mirit Wissotzky and Manuel Dall’Olio.

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Rosemarie’s Baby photos