Rosemarie’s Baby

I’ve spent the last nine months looking at my girlfriend’s belly. Studying this sinuous body gliding silently from one corner of the house to another. This round shape where you can place a book or a cup of tea. A creature she nourished, to whom she read, spoke and played music. It was an amazing certainty, obsessive with care and attention for this new member of the family. I was a total stranger to this new complicity between them and at the same time felt prouder than ever. Every new change in her body reflected a new sparkle in her eyes. Always caressing her belly, adjusting the protuberances that pushed from one side of the belly to the other. I used to hear her steps at night, her breathing and moans. I searched… I wanted to find a solution to the mystery of her peace. I started to photograph her to get closer, to understand the secret of her sight. My camera became the bridge that let me be part of this new relationship. There was no time for telling others stories when our own story was here more beautiful than any other. To capture the right moment was not the goal, but to understand the enigma of this wholeness. As I tried I got close to obsession. Every morning, afternoon and night, I wished to be there with them. I wished to find words to describe those changes happening in front of my eyes. There are not enough words for each feeling, no adjectives for each look or expression. This is what the image is for. To suggest.