I’m a self-trained documentary photographer, with a special interest for stories in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union Countries. My career as a photographer started at the end of 2008 after working for almost five years with Medecins Sans Frontieres as a biologist. During my early years, since I had left MSF, I felt attracted to everything I had experienced during my years as a biologist. Therefore the suffering of people due to diseases, poverty or escapes from wars. After a couple of years I started to get tired of these subjects and I started a photographic research that took me to Eastern Europe in search of stories that were somehow related to the Soviet past.

I found myself working for almost ten years between Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea and Russia, feeling attracted to stories that were all linked together by a single concept: the scarce or almost zero visibility in the international media. The less I knew, the more I felt attracted. This spirit has led me to start Lands in Between, a new research on not well-known minorities living in East and South-East Europe. For the time being The Turkic Wolf,  a minority form Turkic origin living in the southern Republic of Moldova and Once They Were Huns, a Hungarian ethnographic group of Roman Catholic faith living mainly in the Romanian region of Moldova, are the first two minorities of the project.

My works have been published in The Guardian, Der Spiegel, l’OBS, Le Monde, CNN, Mariclaire, D della Repubblica, Vanity Fair, GEO Italy, Geo Russia, Revue 21, among others.



· Nikon-NOOR Academy, March 2018, selected, with Yuri Kozyrev, Jon Lowenstein & Kadir van Lohuizen in Stockholm, Sweden.

· Forgotten Italians Exhibition, March 2018, with Erik Messori, Mashid Mohadjerin and Francesco Pistilli  · prod. Annecristie Badiu, Venice, Italy.

· Final de Línea Exhibition, November 2017, Ruta DOCfield with Marco Ansaloni, Barcelona, Spain.

· The Hidden School Book, September 2016, selected for The Other Hundred Educators Book launch.

· Weird Animals Slideshow, December 2015, Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia.

· Weird Animals Exhibition,  July 2015, DOCfield, Barcelona, Spain.

· Rosemarie’s Baby Book Presentation,  December 2013, CAMeC – Reading Photographs, La Spezia, Italy.

· N4 Exhibition, September 2013, with Ama-Aquilone, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

· The Hidden School Exhibition, September 2012, finalist of PHE OjodePez Award, Barcelona, Spain.

· Belarus Free Theater Slideshow, November 2010, Foiano Fotografia, Italy.

· Storie in Tre Scatti Exhibition, June-September 2010, Camera 16, Milan, Italy.

· Forgotten Italians Exhibition, April 2010, Citerna Fotografia, Italy.

· Belarus Free Theater Exhibition, October 2009, VIE Scena Contemporanea Festival, Modena, Italy.


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+39 3914150976 (Italy)