Renewable Kenya -January 2010-

After the green talk at the Copenhagen summit, Kenya open again the discussion with a big investment policy in renewable energy which will take the country to be a referential not only for the African continent but also for the rest of the world. African pioneer in the “green power”, since 1956 Kenya discovered in the Rift Valley the potential of the geothermal energy (today estimated to be 7000 MW) with the realisation of the first two wells in the Olkaria volcanic site which today are producing 115 MW and designated to become 400 MW in the next years. It’s 4.5 billion US$ the ten years plan investment put in place by KenGen for the construction of wind plants, solar-thermal plants (which is a new innovative technology) and for the expansion of the geothermal energy, which is going to determine an increase of the energy production from 1000 MW to 3000 MW before 2018 and up to 9000 MW before 2030. Are of course ambitious goals that want to be reached, especially for a country with an electrification rate of 18% and which is called for important changes in political stability and in a fight against corruption. In spite of this problems, there are already many countries that are involved in this energy policy and not only economically. First in the list is Spain (which with an investment of 20 million Euro gained the exclusive for the construction of wind plants in the south of Nairobi), Belgium, France, Germany, China, Japan and informally also Philippines.