Beyond Limits

On paper the numbers are scary: 10 km swimming, 420 km cycling and 85 running. It is even more impressive if we think at the adverse weather conditions (water 11ºC) and at the physical and mental stress to which each athlete is subjected. We are talking about the Ultraman, the most difficult triathlon that exists in the World. It is held in four different places in the Globe and it is open to very few participants, which are selected by the executive committee of the race. This is Wales at the beginning of September 2015 where 11 athletes were ready to begin this great challenge. Rest and massage, concentration and healthy meals were probably one of the key points during these three days. The Team, an essential support without which it would be impossible to finish the “battle”, accompanied every athlete during the three days providing food, directions, technical assistance and psychological support too. Laurent Gambotti was one of the athletes that manage to finish the exclusive and demanding triathlon in the 3rd position. At the end of the 3rd day Laurent, like many other athletes, was almost not able to walk anymore and it took several days to recover from the effort he made.